Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Is COMINGG!

Eer.. errrr kenapa dengan weekend?
hell yeahh! aku nak bertemu dan melepak dengan kakak KC. Tehee~
lagi pun memang dah berjanji nak kelua. tengok lah tak esok ahad. heheh
kate nye nak g gig dulu, tapi tak tahu la jadi ke idakk.

Minggu ni memang amat bosan, penat dan letih.
Minggu ni juga ade banyak kije. same je dengan minggu-minggu lain. tapi minggu ni agak pressure sket sebab kije banyak. banyak yang nak diselesaikan.hehe So, i need a rest! Too need it! Asik bekerja je, mcm bosan la kot.haha rase nak ke KLCC hari ni. Tapi kan macam ramai je yang pegi. ade jugak roger-roger dengan member lain, diorang pegi. tapi mate ni macam mengantok gile babeng. Hope esok @ luse jadik lah. KC kate die nk dress up girlish. apehal ntah die tu.haha kiteorang planning baik punye. hopefully dapat tenaga banyak untuk planning-planning tersebut. hehehe

oh! lepas cari-cari gambar untuk dimasukkan ke dalam entry ni tetibe aku terjumpa ni.nah! bace lah.haha cara-cara untuk manage duit kite ketika shopping supaya tidak untuk orang yang burus macam aku.hehehe

Here are the 7 simple steps in managing the use of your money in the best condition when shopping.

# 1: Buy a Cash Only! (Go Cash-Only)

The best practice when shopping is to stay away from credit cards. You will not be over-spending if you do not bring credit cards while shopping. Just leave it at home and never brought together in a purse or handbag. If it is with you, you to swipe the probability is high! Factors you can not see your money out when the pay is what often causes you to advance in the shop without your realizing it.

# 2: Set Long-term Goals! (Set Long-term Goals)

If you want financial freedom in a long time, ordain a goal where you will always remember not to spend as they please in pursuit of that dream. For example, you want to finance free in 5 years again, write these goals on paper and set a date with the savings you want. Put these goals in place that you easily look like a mirror, refrigerator, desk and office. This will be a guard to conduct you to shop. Read these goals every day.

# 3: Differentiate Between Needs and Demand! (Distinguish Between Needs and Wants)

Is a new purse or shoes appeals to you only or you really need them? Before you make any decision to have a new purse or shoes, the better you think for a moment. If it is a requirement and is within your budget, continue to make purchases. If it is your will, consider effects after you make a purchase. Are you happy to have it or if you simply want to fill wardrob. Or do you really afford to have it? If there are still other requirements to be met, consider to have a handbag or new shoes today. The most important matter in the shop is that you must be honest to yourself and the courage to say no to things that are not urging you to have it for now.

# 4: Shop By Item List Needed! (Shop with a List)

The most simple and often overlooked when out shopping is to write a list of items needed. If we do not have a list of items needed, rather than to purchase an item immediately without realizing it we have over-spending. First child to buy diapers, shampoo path step is the offer, promotional copies, and cheaper cover. Finally, instead of buying only diapers, plastic bags are light to heavy. Specify what items should be purchased only if you are tempted to buy apart from list, insert items in the list of purchases in the future.

# 5: Give Provision for yourself! (Give Yourself an Allowance)

There is no doubt at all properties of each individual wants something new after relentless work for a month. Refer back to your budget, consider how much can you use for that purpose. For example, you allocated a total of RM200 per month to buy clothes or go to a movie and so on. Spend a month with the provisions of the above.Where provision was exhausted, stop shopping! There are no exceptions in this case. You are not allowed to spend more than allocated.

# 6: Look’s Out Shopping! (Find a Shopping Buddy)

If you are a quick and easy enamored with the promotion of the salesperson, you are advised to find a friend, whether from friends or family are able to say no to any offers that are beyond your control. You are only allowed out to shop, provided they bring along, if not never ventured out alone, fear that you will be stuck with the case over to shop.

# 7: Review Your Options First! (Your Survey Selections)

The best thing before you make a list of items to shop is to review in advance the price. With the internet technology, you can check the price list on the website in question and make price comparisons. Create a price revision in advance so that you really believe and get the best price.

ok dah!

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