Thursday, August 25, 2011

Something That i Never told you;

I miss those brown eyes;

I miss your smile;

I miss the way we breath;

I miss everything about you;

I can't believe that i'm still hoping.

The things that i never know it will happened or not;


I have something that i want to tell you;

I just want to tell you that i need you as a friends;

I miss the moment that we've been together;

I need to see you;

I need to talk with you;

I want to walk with you again;

The thing's that we always doing if we've been together.

We Laugh together;

We share our problem's together;

It's is hard to get that moment back?

People change, People always forgot;

But why i'm still want to be with you?

The moment be with you, is still in my hearts.
I will never forget about you.
Time change, People change;
But me?

Not change and maybe i'm still waiting you to find me.

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