Sunday, September 18, 2011

Come As You Are;

Come as you are;

As the one that you be;
As a friend;
Not an enemy;
Take your time;
Don't be late;
The choice is yours;


*If you enter to my world, please accept everything about me.

Accepted and please became as you're.

Not be pretending being someone else.

i will fall in love, when you became as you are;

That's what i need,

That's what i want.


Thank's to my besties;

I love you more;

You are the only friends that i have;

The one that always besides me;

I swear that our relationship is forever;

Thanks for everything;

I love you..

p/s: Don't be someone else;


Abang Suara said...

hee xde shoutbox so komen je lah..heheh best lagu

-XaXao- said...

thnx! abg suara :)

Myra Amira said...

cool yawww

-XaXao- said...

yes. im cool :)