Saturday, November 26, 2011

Someone Like you;


i hope i can found someone like you again.

But, maybe its hard to find the same likes you.

For sure, i try hard to being with you. I hope that we will be together.

All the moment that we created is our memories.

The memories makes me miss you.

i hope we will being together. Together as a friends. Together as a bestfriend.

And i hope his December will be the nice one. Maybe u will go far away from me. Work and work. Work hardly for us. Insyaallah :)

p/s: Please don't regret what we have done, what you have do it for us.


Kc Kasedah said...

gambar makanan je yg menarik perhatian kc skrg ni hihihihi

-XaXao- said...

hahaha sedap kan?